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B8517 Infodemic Management (Session 2)

How did the vaccine, a globally used well-baby ritual become a symbol of fear or political affiliation? Some concerns can be attributed to the information environment. This one-credit course will examine the infodemic, or deluge of COVID-related material, some true, some false — all of it combined to make the information landscape too much to manage. We’ll explore the impact of rumors, behavioral economics principles, and social factors (gender, geography, literacy, and IT access) on vaccine acceptance as a first step to understanding and managing infodemics, one of the most challenging communications crises of our time. And in a majority-minority U.S., what is the future of culturally-based marketing/advertising?

Professor Diane Rubino
Diane focuses on communications effectiveness and ethics as well as infodemic management, the overabundance of COVID-related information. She’s developed one hundred articles and workshops in her areas of expertise and lectured across the US and Europe. She is a Fulbright Specialist.

Diane’s a partner in a communications consulting firm and has helped activists, NGOs, scientists worldwide develop audience-centered communication.

In her spare time, she’s a community organizer and a Toastmaster. Diane lives in Hoboken with her partner Jesse and their two rescue cats, Moose and Lucky.