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A Blended + Collaborative Workforce

Guided by each project’s goals and scope of work, SoGo builds customized teams that deliver communications materials for worthy cause marketing initiatives. 

  • Team members unite to create a unique, cross-disciplinary workforce: BIC students (future professionals and industry leaders), who work under the supervision as well as alongside world-class professionals, BIC alumni, members of the BIC faculty, and selected advisors from BIC’s expert consulting board.  
  • Depending on the project, additional CCNY faculty from the social sciences and STEM fields can also work on teams. 
  • Drawing from a dynamic and unrivaled talent pool, SoGo’s customizable approach leverages multiple perspectives, backgrounds, skills, levels of expertise, etc. to deliver action-driving, behavior-changing solutions.
Project outcomes are inspired by SoGo’s unique understanding of our society, informed by our regular polling about how diversity of thought and social attitudes affects behavior today.