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ARF Salon Series: The Power of Influencer Marketing

Conference Opportunity
How are Brands Successfully Engaging with Influencers?

From stars with massive followings to micro and nano influencers, companies are allocating large parts of their budgets towards influencer marketing. According to Mediakix, the estimated total ad spend on influencer marketing is expected to increase to $5-$10 billion dollars by 2020. To stay competitive and broaden their digital media strategies, marketers need to consider the following: how to determine the right Influencers with whom to align their brand and the pitfalls of influencer fraud (and how to avoid them).

Join us for drinks and discussion where a panel of experts share the latest trends, challenges, and what you need to know to stay current in today’s influencer marketing landscape. https://thearf.org/event/salon-series-the-power-of-influencer-marketing/

Location: The ARF, 432 Park Avenue South, 4th floor, New York, NY, 10016, United States