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  • POSTED ON 11-01-2019

    Gold Pencil Winner for Young Ones 2016: Effigies for Equality

    Team Members: Megan Fullagar, Ben Kent, Marta Mugica Tellria, Karina Ramos Salce, Liana Pantzari
  • POSTED ON 09-30-2019

    Student Identity Guidelines

    Brand identity guidelines of selected BIC students from the Classes of 2016 to 2020
  • POSTED ON 05-31-2016

    UMG Branding Campaign: Team Kaleidoscope

    BICsters in the 2016 Corporate Capstone partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG) on the assignment of a lifetime: Design a campaign model to launch an emerging artist that would appeal to a youthful market segment without the appearance of over-commercialization.
  • POSTED ON 11-01-2019

    PR Council’s First Place Winner: Student Innovation Challenge

    "Not Just a Box" by Kacy Charles and Sean Feol-Baugh
  • POSTED ON 07-28-2019

    Silver Pencil Winner for Young Ones 2019: The Crisis Collection

    Team Members: Roxie Xie, Jose Fresan, Lorenzo Lasagna, Melissa Orr
  • POSTED ON 05-15-2019

    2019 Young Ones Pitch Finalist: Can't Stop Fabulous

    BIC students brainstormed, collaborated, conceived, and ultimately executed six campaigns in the 2019 Spring Competition Ready one-credit intensive taught (once again) by Jason Stefanik, who helped BICsters win two GOLD Pencils and a Merit in 2016 and 2017. This year, he was joined by Andy Currie as co-instructor. It was an amazing ride characterized by tremendous hard work.
  • POSTED ON 05-16-2019

    Ahhhlmande. Savor yours.

    The final capstone project for the BIC class of 2019. BICsters formed four teams to pitch to corporate client Diageo.
  • POSTED ON 03-30-2018

    Benny's Bookstore

    Once the CCNY bookstore went virtual, the college needed to create a space to sell spirit merchandise that would speak to its brand value and heritage. Enter a team of BICsters who created a comprehensive brand identity campaign as well as a promotional launch around campus.
  • POSTED ON 05-30-2017

    Heineken Branding Campaign: Team POLARIS

    The final capstone project for the BIC class of 2017. BICsters formed four teams to pitch CSR campaigns to Heineken USA. Among its many corporate social responsibility efforts, HUSA seeks to create communities of Responsible Citizens by encouraging and rewarding them to make better decisions by focusing on moderate consumption of its brands and knowing how to choose between drinking or driving.
  • POSTED ON 07-28-2019

    2019 ADC Bronze Cube + Young Ones Merit: Be the Canvas

    Team members: Yimin Wu, Kenneth Medina, John Holliday-Stewart, Diana Arutyunyan, David Puccio, and Mohamed Amribet

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  • Ken Sheldon

    "Buy me Chipotle and I'll be your best friend."
  • Amber Jackson

    “Graduate school is about evolution. It is about evolving my view of the world including the major shifts in business, society and culture to determine how it relates to the advertising industry and then correlate it to my work.”
  • Javier Garcia

    “Fortunately, my lifelong curiosity coupled with my perfectionist tendencies have manifested in the form of endless enthusiasm, seeing everything as a puzzle waiting to be solved.”
  • Vera Golikova Keiter

    “I happened to be from the cultural capital of Russia: St. Petersburg. That may be why we started to learn about traditions of different countries at such a young age, and why I became passionate about discovering new places, new cultures and an understanding of what was happening all around the world.”
  • Nehal Mahmoud

    "BIC was a step in my extraordinary journey.”
  • Edmund Balogun

    “Storytelling… amplifies experiences. The core of communications is empathy, we shouldn’t forget that.”
  • Maxime Menant

    A planner’s love song to creatives: "Do you want to build a campaign? Come on let’s go and play. I never see you anymore. Come out the door. It's like you've gone away...We used to be best buddies. And now we're not. Do you want to build a campaign?"
  • Chris Villanueva

    “As a child, I had a very vivid imagination. The world of make-believe was where I belonged. To this day, I still feel very connected to that childhood joy of creating.”
  • Marika Bailey

    "I was supposed to be a doctor. A cardio-thoracic surgeon, to be precise. "
  • Rebecca Rivera

    "I take pride in being a change agent..."
  • POSTED ON 05-27-2020

    It's GOLD (and BRONZE) for BIC at 2020 ONE Club's Young Ones

    Once again BIC brought home a gold pencil. Paul Bernabe, Marian Cuestas, Cynthia Rojas, and Ping Sun received the Gold Pencil for their North Face campaign “Nature Never Judges” with help from Jason Stefanik and Andy Currie.
  • POSTED ON 05-10-2020

    THREE BICsters win The LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship

    This year three BICsters have been awarded the prestigious The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) scholarship: Paul Bernabe, Dimandja Utshudi, and Ayush Kumar.
  • POSTED ON 03-18-2020

    BICsters Tackle Non-Alcoholic Spirit for Diageo

    Once again, Diageo has partnered with BIC for the Corporate Capstone and this time BICsters will be working on a product new to Diageo and the non-spirit category.
  • POSTED ON 01-16-2020

    Gustavo Stecher Brings Brandinghood to BIC Spring 2020

    From BIC board member to BIC faculty, Gustavo Stecher will teach the new Brandinghood course this spring developed through CCNY's Campus Engagement Network (CEN). With a specialization in corporate and destination branding, Gustavo will guide students in discovering a neighborhood's real needs from its people and their feelings of identity to create a branding action plan.
  • POSTED ON 01-16-2020

    BIC and City Tech Make it Formal

    Many BICsters have always come from the Communication Design department from fellow CUNY City Tech. BIC and City Tech have officially strengthened their relationship and are providing City Tech students with portfolio advice, on-site visits, direct information about the BIC program.
  • POSTED ON 11-27-2019

    BIC Brings Branding and Storytelling to Assistive Technology

    Last Fall, CCNY launched the Campus Engagement Network (CEN), an initiative funded by the Moxie Foundation to develop new approaches to teaching, research and advocacy missions. This competitive program provided support to create new courses, integrate change-making values into CCNY's interdisciplinary work, and embed these transformative principles into the fabric of CCNY education and culture...
  • POSTED ON 10-23-2019

    R/GA Hosts the Future at Transformative Speed

    On Thursday night, October 17th, BIC held its annual Mix+Mentor networking event at the AMAZING offices of R/GA in Hudson Yards. A crowd of nearly 100 guests showed their commitment to the future by meeting and promising to mentor members of BIC's Class of 2021 featuring 35 hard-working grad students from across the globe, around the United States, and right here from New York City...
  • POSTED ON 10-11-2019

    BICsters Add Color to Rainbow Room

    This year's Brave Brands ceremony celebrating the ANDY award-winning brands and their agency partners was held atop Rockefeller Center at The Rainbow Room during Advertising Week.
  • POSTED ON 10-11-2019

    CCNY Welcomes BIC Class of 2021

    Another year, another BIC class ready to smash silos, create interdisciplinary magic, and re-invent the communications industry. The BIC Class of 2021 arrived on campus August 22nd for a day of orientation, advising, and tips on networking — as well as celebratory drinks with the Class of 2020.
  • POSTED ON 09-06-2019

    SIX TLF Fellows Celebrate in Cinci

    An historic six BIC TLF honorees helped The LAGRANT Foundation celebrate its 21st Anniversary with a Scholarship & Donor Reception in Cincinnati. A beautiful networking gala on Monday night, May 20th, featured guest speaker Craig Buchholz, Chief Communications Officer of Procter & Gamble as well as Daryl McCullough, Global Chairman & CEO of Citizen Relations, Dhane Scotti, Global Integrated Consumer and Marketing Lead at Google.

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