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Marketing Trends + Innovations One-Credit Intensive

BIC Professor Will Parker will cover four trends that every marketing communications student should know: Cookie-less Commerce, the Metaverse, NFTs/blockchain, and Amazon Everything.
The explosion of communication platforms has revolutionized how people are talking to each other, buy goods, and consume information. Constant innovation challenges regulators and marketing practitioners as consumers are engaging with brands in new ways and expect more in return. This one-credit intensive will explore the following major marketing trends and innovations as we consider their strategic and tactical implications, preparing you for success in the digital space and the marketing ecosystem.
·       Communications in the cookie-less world: How Apple changed marketing
·       The Metaverse: When and how to enter
·       NFTs/Blockchain: Separating scams from brand opportunities in web3
·       Amazon is eComm: DTC marketing in the world of Amazon