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Nehal Mahmoud

BIC Class of 2015, Public Relations
Currently: Head of Insights, N2O4 at Verizon  
Since BIC: Manager, Insights & Storytelling - NBCUniversal; Research Associate, Branding & Insights Group, BCW Global; CCNY Adjunct Professor  
Undergrad: University of Alberta, BS in Physical Sciences
Distinctions: 2014 3% Conference Adobe Poster Winner; 2014 Colin Powell Fellowship; 2015 ARF ReThink Conference Speaker; 2015 1st Place CCNY Graduate Symposium
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nmahmoud/
“A successful brand is not only about having an appealing logo or catchy slogan. Today, it revolves around the entire organizational experience, which weaves marketing and communications together. "