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Just the STATS

BICsters quantified. Qualified. By the numbers. Stirred, not shaken.

BIC students come from all over the globe, across the country, and here in New York. Each one energizes the program with his or her own special brand of intelligence, passion, expertise and (yes!!) curiosity. Simply put: BICsters are uBICuitous. They study, collaborate, enter competitions, write research papers, present at conferences, win scholarships, take part in amazing internships, are mentored by high level pros, participate in the lively network and conference culture here in New York City. Once accepted, students have access to the unrivaled opportunities at the intersection BIC and NYC, the media and communications capital of the world. Our closed Facebook page is a beehive of activity: articles, jobs, scholarship apps, etc. You name it: BICsters will conquer it.

There are 30-36 students in each BIC class. Individual tracks consist of 10-12 students.

Who ARE BICsters?
CURIOUS people. Such as...
College grads with a degree in communications, marketing, graphic design, psychology, anthropology, English, computer science, economics...

Professionals interested in changing careers -- or in advancing an existing career in communications, advertising, public relations, or marketing.
Talented, ambitious people from all over the world who are insatiably curious, relentless, hardworking, and fearlessly passionate. People who are willing to go above and beyond. They know when to color outside of the lines and when to think inside the box. Able to explore several paths to get results. Artists who have a good eye and awesome wrist. Writers. Storytellers. Those who can affect change and have a voice. People who have amazing problem solving skills, are self-starters, and jump at challenges with open arms. Have a talent for numbers, stats, and can transform data into engaging stories. Folks who think spread sheets are cool. Interested in business literacy:  payroll, governance, P&L, legal compliance, and have an appreciation of the global economic landscape. People who have an eye on C-Suite priorities, but also interested in how the mailroom works. Outside interests and involvement in other social, cultural, digital, and non-work endeavors encouraged. Ability to predict the future (trend-spotting) a plus.