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BICsters for Hire

Interested in hiring a BICster? Our 36-credit portfolio-driven master’s degree program @CCNY encourages communications leaders of the future to roll up their sleeves and reimagine the industry, transform the landscape, and make the world a better place.

Curious? Each year, students create a portfolio of discipline depth that is defended to a panel of professionals. Here are links to select portfolios from the BIC Class of 2019.

Management / Planning

Breanna Arthur   
LaToya Heron     
Katie Kistner O'Neal   
Nai Chen Liu   
Clarissa Moses   
Sahana Chowdhary   
Xia John   
Sara Ledra   
Sofia Maayah   

Public Relations

Bong Arquiza   
Rebecca Rivera   
Matt Hamilton   


Natalie Alcide   
Jen Cuffari   
Emily Herrera   
Asia Johnson   
Peter Lavergata   
Humberto Machucha   
Natia Maisuradze   
Imani Nunez   
Letier Santana   
Sarai Perez