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The Work

BIC is a portfolio-driven program that utilizes project-based learning. This means that all classes include applied projects that could be elevated to portfolio level work. Here are a collection of BIC projects: coursework, capstone projects, as well as portfolio pieces. 

Silver Pencil Winner for Young Ones 2019: The Crisis Collection

Il Makiage: "Crisis Collection"
Maximalists will go to any extreme to maintain their priceless looks, even in some of life's most dire emergencies. That's why we created a mock Il Makiage branded product line called The Crisis Collection -- we wanted to show just how far the brand will go to support makeup maximalists in any situation of crisis.

Our faux product release video is a spoof of a public service announcement which explains how one can prepare for the worst so they will always look their best. 

The content is designed for online digital distribution channels to gain maximum effectiveness on social. 

Team Members: Roxie Xie, Jose Fresan, Lorenzo Lasagna, Melissa Orr