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New York City Conferences

Month to Month Calendar 

BICsters are required to attend at least one NYC-based conference each year. Here's a sampling. Dates may vary from year to year. 


Advertising Week
Advertising Week is the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in New York City. From seminars & workshops led by some of the greatest minds in the industry in our Times Square hub to world class entertainment in some of the city’s most iconic venues by night – Advertising Week’s flagship event is like no other.

NYC Media Lab
NYC Media Lab is a snapshot of the best thinking, projects, and talent in digital media from universities in NYC and beyond. This is an opportunity for media executives, technologists, and decision makers to explore interesting technologies and applications related to the future of media. Through thought-provoking discussions, faculty-led workshops, and 100+ innovative demos, attendees will explore pressing issues related to digital media innovation.

Social Good Summit
In 2009, Mashable, United Nations Foundation, 92nd Street Y, and United Nations Development Programme teamed up to launch a new kind of summit.
One where activism would be celebrated, and attendees would be galvanized
into action. Last year the Social Good Summit had a powerful lasting impact. SGS 2019 brings together global leaders, activists, and brands for an epic day of constructive dialogue and onstage activations.


Programmatic I/O
Adexchanger's Programmatic I/O – still the original and world's largest conference dedicated to educating marketers, publishers, agencies and technologies on the latest in programmatic media management will host more than 1,500 attendees in a new venue designed to maximize the insight, networking, and energy for all.

4A's Stratfest
We’re living in the age of the empowered consumer. Technology has given consumers great influence and even greater expectations for what brands must deliver. Their sentiment can build a brand up or take it down overnight. Consumers are changing the marketing remit—forcing brands to put customer experience at the center of every aspect of their business. Join your peers at the 4A's StratFest as we explore the new meaning of consumer-centricity.

Brand Marketing & Digital Summit
As marketers its vital we pioneer new technologies, strategies and channels, to achieve this. Bringing together world renowned CMOs, innovators and experts, The Brand Marketing Summit will inspire and empower marketing leaders to develop their own departments and drive their organization forward. A holistic cross-industry, cross discipline approach to effective and authentic marketing driven by innovation.


Pivot Momentum
Momentum relentlessly pursues the future trends that will impact your industry, company and profession. We specialize in bringing together experts to share their knowledge in a highly intimate, senior and interactive environment where every attendee is a stakeholder, delivering value in every experience. More than a statement, it’s the way we do business. From the quality of our speakers and content, to the way we drive attendee interaction and communication on an annual basis, we believe nothing is more powerful than the value of human interaction. Momentum works hard to ensure that all clients derive maximum value from their relationship with us and that we are constantly striving to exceed expectations.

Ad Tech
ad:tech is a conference and exhibition where the marketing, technology and media communities come together to share new ways of thinking, build strong partnerships, and define new strategies to address the key industry challenges and opportunities. Several annual events around the world focus on top-notch education through keynote speakers, topic-driven panels and workshops as well as showcase the latest products and services to help deepen understanding and create new ideas that will drive business forward. Attendees leave ad:tech with the tools and techniques they need to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

New York Women in Communications
Each year, the New York Women in Communications hosts an event for students, featuring communications professionals speaking on a range different topics. More than 200 students attend to get career tips on various aspects in the communication fields, ranging from entrepreneurship to marketing to scholarships and financial wellness.

DATAx New York is a cross-industry event for business leaders, strategists, and practitioners looking for best practices and strategic insights to help increase business growth and gain marketplace advantage.
DATAx provides a unique blend of data-focused content tailored to help you find real-world solutions to common challenges.
Our program is specifically curated to examine the most relevant topics on the minds of data scientists and business decision-makers. With an emphasis on collaboration, DATAx is the event where the technical and strategic conversations that change business models are started.


PSFK NY Retail Innovation Week
New York Retail Innovation Week is a citywide celebration of retail innovation. It is intended for the curious executives and professionals flocking to NYC come January, who work in retail, at brands and their partner companies.

PSFK Future of Retail
Each year, leading retail intelligence service PSFK presents a survey of the most important aspects of retail innovation along the customer experience journey.


She Runs It (formerly Advertising Women of New York)
AWNY was founded in 1912 by journal editors Christine and J. George Frederick as a counter to the exclusive, all-male Advertising League. Designed to encourage and promote women’s role in the advertising industry, the club held classes and dinners with presentations on advertising best practices, and gave scholarships to encourage girls to pursue degrees in advertising during a time when women weren’t even allowed in many universities. Since then, our community has grown beyond advertising to all facets of marketing and media. We’ve also expanded beyond New York, first to Chicago with our eyes on national expansion.

BRITE Conferences
BRITE  brings together 500-600 leaders from business, technology, media, and marketing to discuss how technology and innovation are transforming the ways that companies build and sustain great brands. BRITE offers a different blend of thinkers and doers, both onstage and off, than you will find at any other event. Participants come to think differently about the changing landscape of media and technology, and to connect with a unique group of innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and champions of social enterprise.

Remix NYC
REMIX Summits bring together pioneers from different industries to explore the future of culture, creative cities and the creative economy. A unique forum where creative leaders from different industries can exchange insights, ideas and work together towards common goals. Our sold-out summits in NYC, London and Sydney are attended by leading global cultural institutions, creative businesses, startups, policy makers and media.


Clickz Live
With digital marketing at our core, our articles, podcasts, webinars, events, and reports cover marketing technology, the impact of emerging technologies and the overarching digital transformation journey that is upending even the most established companies.We help you stay smart and empower you with the tools to drive growth within your business.


Social Media Week - #SMWNYC
Social Media Week is a week of conferences running concurrently around the world. Sessions cover everything from hiring with the help of social recruiting to content marketing and SEO and take place in several locations around each host city. Because of its wide variety of sessions that are both official and unofficial offered in tandem, Social Media Week is good for newbies because it gives you a taste of official conference events mixed in with unofficial presentations and meet-ups, which are a component of a lot of larger conferences.

Conductor Collaboration Conference (C3)
C3 is the only event dedicated to the art, science and strategy of reaching your customers on the organic channels they trust. Come learn how to reach customers for free (and have them love you for it) from 1250+ other marketing professionals and industry leaders. Attendees hear fresh, authentic stories at the intersection of content, search, and unpaid media from brands who are in your shoes – no sales pitches here. You’ll experience real-world programming with world-class marketers. You’ll leave C3 armed with practical knowledge and a clear vision to help you attract new customers, optimize your teams’ activities, and crush your marketing goals.

Creative Week
Creative Week is the preeminent festival showcasing the intersection of advertising, innovation and creative thinking. Featuring The One Show over two epic nights, the dynamic Young Ones Festival and inspiring sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry at the Creative Summit, Creative Week will be the must-attend event of the year. Thought leaders from the business, non-profit and creative sectors will explore various topics.


99U Conference
The goal of the 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. Providing road-tested insights on how to make your ideas happen. 99U brings together some of the world's most productive creative visionaries & leading researchers to share pragmatic insights on how ideas are brought to life.


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