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How to make an IMPACT

SoGo Works: TOGETHER, here's how we can do MORE GOOD: 

EDUCATION/CONSULTATION >> Instructional Lectures, Media & Civics Literacy Lab, Podcasts, Webinars on Branding for the community. Conferences, Certificates for the industry.
  • Workshops/Training for Agencies Brands:  $1500 - $5,000 per training workshop
  • The Social Good Conference:  TBA
  • The Annual SoGo Recognition Awards and Gala: TBA 

MARKETING COMMUNICATION SERVICES >> Project-based communications efforts such as 360-degree campaigns, business ventures, and devices as well as consultancy for mission-based non-profits and CSR.

  • Creative content: idea development
  • Strategy & positioning workshops and consulting
  • Communications platforms and planning
  • Tactical recommendations, including media perspectives
  • Brand identity & style guidelines
Project Fees:       
$10,000 - $100,000+ per project (discounted rates for Harlem, CCNY community projects) 

PRODUCTS >> Case Studies, both industry-sourced and BIC-generated. Newsletters, magazines, books about social impact. Apps and other communications products that could be developed and copyrighted through BIC. 

POLLING and RESEARCH >>  Working in partnership with organizations such as the Benenson Strategy Group and/or through BIC’s industry connections, SoGo will develop the capacity to conduct polls and original research that contributes value to this area of study as well as to the industry as it seeks understanding and leadership in the area of socially responsible marketing communications practices.

FACILITIES >>  The BIC SoGo Research and Innovation Lab.
Our state-of-the-art digitally-assisted qualitative research facility serves as a dynamic hub for a community of academics, students, government agents, and engaged citizens dedicated to creating behavior-changing communications for social good. Located in Shepard Hall, the Research and Innovation Lab has industry quality technology to provide focus group testing, facility rentals, transcripts, recorded presentations, etc.

Fees (discounted rates for community and non-profits):
  • Focus Group Research                               
  • Focus Group Room Rentals                     
  • Video/Transcription Services                   

MEMBERSHIP >> Become a member of BIC and gain access to thought leadership, networking, student energy, and collaboration opportunities. Contact for rates. 

There's nothing quite like SoGo...

Guided by each project’s goals and scope of work, SoGo builds customized teams that deliver communications materials for worthy cause-marketing initiatives. Team members unite to create a unique, cross-disciplinary workforce: BIC students (future professionals and industry leaders) who work under the supervision as well as alongside world-class professionals, BIC alumni, members of the BIC faculty, and selected advisors from BIC’s expert consulting board. Drawing from a dynamic and unrivaled talent pool, SoGo’s customizable approach leverages multiple perspectives, backgrounds, skills, levels of expertise, etc. to deliver action-driving, behavior-changing solutions and education. 

BIC SoGo can offer communications strategy consulting and program development services to:

  • Non-profit organizations seeking support for their marketing and promotional activities
  • Local Harlem, community-based or governmental organizations looking to promote positive social behavior
  • Profit making companies engaged in corporate social responsibility activities or social cause initiatives