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Track THREE: Media

This is the BIC track where technology lives. The rising level of communications complexity now demands greater knowledge of how media technology is leveraged to deliver long-term business goals, especially within an integrated framework. The strategic application of PESO (paid, shared, earned, owned) channels both discretely and as synergistic storytelling devices is critically essential to building brand identity, awareness, and engagement. Indeed, corporations see media as key to driving not just marketing transformation, but brand transformation.  
Yet the industry is experiencing a talent crisis. Positions within media communications agencies and other companies (including transformational retailers like Amazon) have grown, especially here in New York City, without seeing an increase in qualified professionals. BIC is the only graduate-level program located in the media and communications capital of the world to explore the application of media in an integrated framework -- and in a setting that mimics agency culture.  
As BIC produces communications leaders at a pivotal moment in society’s understanding of digital privacy and transparency, there’s a crucial need to instill greater perspective, strategic vision, and an ethical underpinning in the decision-making process as it relates to media investment and technological advancement.
Based on undergraduate focus and work experience, BIC grads who specialize in this track may get jobs as: Creative Agency Media Planners, Activators, Analysts, Media Researcher, Data Scientists, Client-side Media Procurement Managers, Media Sales, etc.