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Applying to the BIC Program


Candidates for admissions into the BIC program must select one of these four specialized track when they apply: Creative, Management/Brand Strategy, Media, or Public Relations.

Regardless of which track you choose, BIC welcomes applicants with undergraduate academic backgrounds and professional experience from all fields, not just from closely related fields of advertising, marketing, public relations, etc. All prospective students are expected to have a lively interest in pursuing a career in branding and marketing communications, possess solid writing skills, and have a competitive academic track record and/or a strong record of success in the workplace.


BIC enrolls a new class of approximately 30-36 students every year in the Fall semester only. Applications should be submitted online. The CCNY Admissions online portal opens October 1st.


Apply by: December 1st
Hear by: February 1st

Apply by: February 1st
Hear by: April 1st

Apply by: April 1st*
Hear by: June 1st

Apply by: June 1st
Hear by: July 1st

*International students are encourage to apply no later than the third admissions round to accommodate the visa process. Please notify BIC of your status so you can be notified by May 1st.

Online application window opens October 1st for following Fall matriculation.


GRE test scores are NOT required for any applicants. International students who did not get their undergraduate degree in the States must submit English translations of transcripts and a standard TOEFL score of 90 or higher.


Because of the collaborative nature of the curriculum, BIC is a full-time program, which means a course-load of at least nine credits (three courses) each semester. Classes are all scheduled in the evenings and courses meet on a once-weekly basis. This enables students to work while enrolled in the program, if they're so motivated. Some one-credit courses will take place on weekends. Courses are sequenced so that students will complete 36 credits and graduate with the Master's degree in two years. You cannot accelerate the degree.

A few students each year may be admitted on a part-time basis, graduating in three years instead of two; inquire with Professor Nancy Tag, BIC Program Director to see if this option is available.


Applications are processed in two stages. First, application materials are fielded and determined to meet college standards by the City College Office of Graduate Admissions. Therefore, all questions regarding the online submission process and receipt of forms should be addressed to that office.

Once application files are complete (or near complete but pending documents such as unpublished transcripts awaiting final grades), they are forwarded to the BIC Admissions Committee for final evaluation and selection.


BIC reviews nearly 100 applications each year and accepts approximately 30-40 students (10-13 in each track) with about a 90% yield. The BIC Admissions Committee begins to determine its class in mid-April. Most applicants are notified of a decision by mid-May.


Here's the application >> CLICK HERE >> and how to fill it in...

Fill in the form like THIS >> Your ENROLLMENT INFORMATION is Matriculation. The SCHOOL OF INTEREST is Division of Humanities and the Arts.  Your AREA OF INTEREST is Branding + Integrated Communications. Your ENROLLMENT OBJECTIVE is MPS. And the ENTRY TERM is Fall 202X.

CURIOUS people. Such as...
College grads with a degree in communications, marketing, graphic design, psychology, anthropology, English, computer science, economics, architecture, social work...

Professionals interested in changing careers -- or in advancing an existing career in communications, advertising, public relations, or marketing.
Talented, ambitious people who are insatiably curious, relentless, hardworking, and fearlessly passionate. People who are willing to go above and beyond know when to color outside of the lines and when to fall in line. Able to explore several paths to get results. Artists who have a good eye and awesome wrist. Writers. Storytellers. Those who can affect change and have a voice. People who have amazing problem solving skills, are self-starters, and jump at challenges with open arms. Have a talent for numbers, stats, and can transform data into engaging stories. Folks who think spread sheets are cool. Interested in business literacy:  payroll, governance, P&L, legal compliance, and have an appreciation of the global economic landscape. People who have an eye on C-Suite priorities, but also interested in how the mailroom works. Outside interests and involvement in other social, cultural, digital, and non-work endeavors encouraged. Ability to predict the future (trend-spotting) a plus.

For track-specific specs, click to the left.