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BICsters are dynamically diverse. They come from all over the world. They represent all regions of the country, nearly every race on the planet, and speak dozens of languages. They're multi-cultural, multi-disciplined, and multi-faceted. Their skill sets and skill levels complement, clash, and collide to create unique outcomes with unexpected, yet meaningful impact.

The City College of New York is consistently ranked one of the most diverse campuses in the world. But that's not just a statistic. It's part of our story. In our DNA. The driver of our success, our humanity, our heartbeat.

Like the metropolis itself, the BIC classroom captures the creative energy of New York City. Like a boisterous, but ultimately harmonious symphony, BIC knows that magic happens when everyone not only has a seat at the table, but a voice to be heard. BIC moves the industry ahead and the future forward >> 

INTEGRATED people for an INTEGRATED world