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Spring 2021 Capstone: BICsters Serve Deliciously Light Pitches

By BIC CCNY Posted on 06/25/2021 17:56

A big BIC BRAVO to BICsters in the Class of 2021 who pitched their integrated marketing campaigns perfectly on Thursday, May 20th for their Spring Capstone client Diageo on behalf of Baileys Deliciously Light! BIC is super proud of all four teams: Nexus, Revolution8, Studio 4, and The Fore.

Congratulations to the BIC Class of 2021 who perfectly pitched four integrated marketing campaigns on Thursday, May 20th to Spring capstone client Diageo on behalf of Baileys Deliciously Light. Four rockstar teams took to the Zoom stage in style as BIC welcomed Alex Carantza, Director of Consumer Planning at Diageo andJason Chebib, former Vice President of Consumer Planning at Diageo. But the clients were not the only ones in attendance. Friends, family, colleagues, alum, faculty and current BICsters joined the virtual pitch to cheer on the Class of 2021! At one point, over 110 participants tuned in. 

This year, BICsters were entrusted to work on Diageo's latest product innovation: Baileys Deliciously Light. With 40% less calories and 40% less sugar than Baileys Original Irish Cream, people can get a light and versatile treat with all of the yummy taste of the original Baileys, one of the world's most beloved brands.  

Team One: The Fore - When Immature becomes I'm Mature

The Fore, winners of the Fall Capstone pitch, kicked off the evening with their campaign focused around the idea of play and adulthood. In particular, how society may say you're a grown up, but you can still enjoy playtime through drinking Baileys Deliciously Light. Their campaign deliverable centered around the line: "When Immature becomes I'm mature." The team thought beyond the bottle with their ideas of boozy ice cream, spin the bottle games and much more!

Team Two: Nexus - My Baileys, My Rules

Next up, Nexus framed their campaign around how Bailey's shatters tradition and that their audience of millennial men and women, aged between 21-32, don't believe in conventional rules. They took this big idea to create their campaign about breaking the rules and liberating millennials, especially after the past year and the pandemic. Through their research, they found that millennials are the lonely generation and therefore through using in-flight happy hours, a day for Diageo employees and a Baileys house with AirBnb during Super Bowl weekend, they were able to create a campaign where Baileys Deliciously light gave young people the freedom and socialization they have been seeking. 

Team Three: Studio 4 - Beyond Original
Studio 4 explored the idea of how millennials relate to Gen Z vs older millennials and are intersectors in all that they do. Like Diageo, millennials are a disruptive yet inclusive generation. Studio 4 used this to drive their campaign around being "Beyond Original" and the idea of acts of self expression through art. Through the #BeyondOriginalChallenge, they wanted to see how creative millennials can be with Baileys Deliciously Light. The campaign would take place at art festivals all over the country.

Team Four: Revolution8 - Delightfully More

Revolution8 ended the pitch on a high with their campaign focused on treating and its emotional ties to wellness. In particular through their research they found that people feel like they need extra permission to feel guilt. Their campaign was called #DelightfullyMore emphasizing by being a slightly less sweet beverage, there is more room for spontaneity and room to treat yourself. The team planned to showcase Baileys and this campaign after hours during concerts like Summer Stage and Outside Lands and also partner with alcohol delivery brands like Drizly. Similarly, like the other teams they wanted to position Baileys as an everyday treat vs being tied to holidays which is what most people associate with the brand.
After making their pitch, the client asked all four teams questions and gave feedback including saying (again and again) that ALL FOUR teams pitched more professionally, more passionately, and more insightfully than most agencies they've worked with in their long and varied careers. Such high praise -- but well deserved.

But only one team could win.... and it was the "Beyond Original" campaign by Studio 4 that clinched it for Alex and Jason. A big BIC congrats to Marian Cuestas, Amy Liang, Lorena Dmm, Rhea Mehta, Starley Sandez and Dimandja Utshudi

A big BIC BRAVO to this year's teams who've worked together since Fall 2020 with tenacity, creativity, collaboration, and true JOY, demonstrating the POWER of integration + grit + commitment. After blowing away our non-profit capstone client, Memorial Sloan Kettering's Redressing Access to and Disparities in Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer (READI) program, during the Fall semester, the teams did it again!! BIC is super proud of you all: Nexus, Revolution8, Studio 4, and The Fore.

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