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AIGA’s 2024 Fresh Grad is BICster Cecilia Gamo Castellanos

By BIC CCNY Posted on 06/30/2024 10:43

AIGA's first in-person Fresh Grad event since 2019 featured top design school projects.

BICsters WIN at 2024 Graduate Symposium

By BIC CCNY Posted on 06/07/2024 14:24

"Girlhood," presented by first-place winners Nichi Rich and Zaakirah Medan, raises awareness about intimate partner violence and homelessness among 18-24 year olds.

FOUR BICsters from the Class of 2025 Win The LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship

By BIC CCNY Posted on 04/04/2024 15:18

Four BICsters received The LAGRANT Foundation’s 2024 scholarship

BIC’s 2024 MAIP Fellow: Jillian Springer

By BIC CCNY Posted on 03/28/2024 13:34

Jillian Springer will be joining Pereira O’Dell

The DesMax 2024 Winners Embrace Girlhood, Your Inner Child, and Survivors

By BIC CCNY Posted on 01/29/2024 13:09

Nichimyo Rich BIC ‘25, Zaakirah Medan BIC ‘25, and Stella Ramirez BIC ‘24 share this year’s DesMax

Suchitra Sherpa ‘24 Redesigns CCNY Graduate Admissions Site

By BIC CCNY Posted on 12/18/2023 16:18

CCNY Graduate Admissions now has a new, engaging site to attract admissions candidates.

BICster Cecilia Gamo Castellanos helps inform D&AD Future Creatives Report

By BIC CCNY Posted on 11/29/2023 13:49

This D&AD report on the future of creativity includes a comment from BICster Cecilia Gamo Castellanos about originality.

Cecilia and Stella win D&AD New Blood Pencil

BRAVO >> BICsters win D&AD Pencil

By BIC CCNY Posted on 07/04/2023 12:14

Cecilia and Stella forget they entered…until they won!


BIC’s 2023 AIGA Fresh Grad is Genaldri Tjahjadi

By BIC CCNY Posted on 06/27/2023 11:30

Canadian wildfires couldn’t dampen this year’s ceremony.

BIC Bronze Pencil WIN!! >> One Show Young Ones Awards 2023

By BIC CCNY Posted on 05/18/2023 13:11

A BIG BIC Bravo to Jaymie Lunt and two-time pencil winners Hanako Suzuki and Genaldri Tjahjadi!