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Foundation FOCUS: MTA Subway and Little Island Multi-Media Campaigns

By BIC CCNY Posted on 12/20/2022 22:49

Final Projects in B2002 celebrate NYC underground and above water…

The BIC Class of 2024 wrapped up their foundation semester by presenting multi-media campaigns for the MTA Subway and Little Island to Professors Natalie Alcide and Nancy R. Tag. As part of B2002 Idea Development, this semester-long project inspired student teams to strategize, conceptualize, and then execute a multi-media communications campaign that included the four "C's" of content (using 2-D, time-based, interactive, and story-building elements), context, connection, and conversation via Paid, Earned, Owned, and Shared media channels.

Each section identified a business and marketing problem in order to come up with the first part of BIC's S-A-D model: the strategic message. Teams of three conceptualized Big Ideas before executing synergistic multi-media elements designed to build brand value and engage New Yorkers. 

In the final stages of campaign development, Professors Alcide and Tag imitated real-life challenges by throwing students a curveball that needed to be folded into their campaign narratives. For Nancy's class, the United Nations week in January provided a huge increase in NYC traffic. For Natalie’s class,  an activist event to fight global warming  chose the entrance of Little Island to mount its protest. 

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