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Wish We COULD Say More… Meta Foresight Team visits BIC

By BIC CCNY Posted on 10/26/2022 15:17

Meta visits Class of 2024 BICsters for a 2-day “forecasting conference”

Fred Kim and Jeremy Williams of Meta's Foresight Research were recent guest speakers in two BIC classes this month. The dynamic duo shared behind the scenes information that will help BICsters see around industry corners. We’d love to tell you more - but we can’t.

Meta Foresight (formerly Facebook IQ) is a team of researchers, journalists and marketers from diverse disciplines on a mission to discover where the world is headed. The team tracks the trends and topics that 3.6 billion voices care about by fielding studies, conducting surveys and talking to big thinkers both inside and outside Meta in the hope of understanding what those signals mean for the future. 
This 2-day "forecasting conference" took place over 2 classes, Research & Awareness and Strategy & Measurement, taught by Donna Dei-Baning of Dentsu and Benny Thomas of Meta, respectively. 

BIG thank you to Fred and Jeremy for visiting us at BIC! 

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